Passion and experience are rarely close friends. But our team possesses both in relation with contemporary design.

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We know that finding the right lights into your interior is like dating. Actually it’s even harder. That’s why we happily take the role of the matchmaker upon ourselves. Let's talk!


Custom Lighting

As practicing designers we know the amazing feeling when dreams come true. So if you have one we are more than happy to make it happen. Come in with a concept and we let you go with unique lights.

With our lighting technique expertise we can turn a simple drawing into an exceptional piece that embodies whatever you dreamt of. The high quality materials transform our joint plans into touchable tangible masterpieces. Especially as we put them together piece by piece with our own hands.

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Step on a path of a mutual inspiration with us, so we could create an unrepeatable piece from both of ours ideas and experiences!

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